Autism Spectrum

Autism spectrum is a type of brain developmental disorder. Eugen Bleuler is the first scientist who founded Autism spectrum in 1911.Until 1940s, the scientist in US started to used Autism Spectrum to describes the kids with a group of social problem.  In 1997, Daniel Rosenn, M.D used a diagram to differentiate level of severity and presentation. People who had an autism spectrum, they shared the autism spectrum symptoms but with a different range from mild to severe. After so many years of research by different researcher, Autism Spectrum now can be highly controlled by medicine and some other alternative treatment but cannot be cured by any of the treatment.

Autism spectrum disorder is keep on growing. Normally, autism spectrum can be diagnosed in an early development (before 3 years old). People who have autism spectrum will affect their social communication, social interaction and behavior.

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The Tole autism spectrum

Run a test if you have the symptoms of autism spectrum to understand your range of autism spectrum.


Autism spectrum category
  • Aspergers Syndromes
  • Mildest level of autism disorder. Most of the people who have Asperger Syndrome show intense interests. They can highly focus on the things that they like. Do not have intellectual disability.

  • Autism Disorder
  • Autism Disorder also called Kanner’s Symptoms. This disorder are founded by Dr. Kanner in 1930. People with Autism Disorder will have behavior, communication, intellectual disability and interaction problems.

  • Pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS)
  • This category appears because some of the child have the autism spectrum symptoms but did not fit into autism disorder or asperger syndrome. Some of the child will have mild level or few of the aspergers and autism disorder symptoms. It also called atypical autism.

Symptoms of Autism Spectrum

Different people can have a different symptoms, the following is the most common symptoms of Autism Spectrum.

  • Did not respond when people calling their name.
  • Avoid eye contact. No matter who is it, the kids do not like to have eye contact to others.
  • Cannot understand what other people is talking.
  • Often doing unexpected movements.
  • Delay speech development.
  • Repeat doing the same things.

If you think your child have Autism Spectrum, contact an autism specialist to get some advice or run a test.

Alternative Treatment for Autism Spectrum – The Tole Neuro Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment

An early treatment is very important, once had been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum should seek for treatment as fast as possible. An early treatment for kids can boost the result of communication and speaks skills.

The Tole Neuro Acupuncture are using fine and small needles to puncture the scalp of the skin, it wouldn’t hurt your brain. Neuro Acupuncture can help to flow Qi (energy) in your brain to active the brain cells again. Regenerate the function of the brain cells so that they can send the signal to each others.Chinese Master had a very good experience by using Neuro Acupuncture to treat Autism kids. People come from others country just to meet Chinese Masterto treat their kids Autism Spectrum. They come back every year to continue the treatment. Chinese Master provided intensive treatment for them. After a few session the kids, can slowly talk with other people and have a eye contact with others. Their parent feel so surprised for result, this make them come back every years/ everyday.

Chinese Master suggest to take The Tole Neuro acupuncture combine with Neuro Herbal Brain Powder. The Tole Neuro Herbal Brain Powder is created with a special herbal formula from Chinese Master. The herbal are planted by Chinese Master himself in his The Tole Garden. He plant the herbal himself because he want to control the quality and effectiveness of the herbal. He believe the good quality herbal can treat the disease more efficiency. A lot of oversea patient order the Autism Neuro Brain Powder online. Their response are very good. Combined this two treatment together, you can have a more efficiency result.


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